Flower Friends

Mar 01

drift wood decorations

does anyone have any suggestions for decorations made with driftwood also do you know of any places on the net that would have pictures. thanks

Feb 29


HI EVERYONE , I am going through my craft room and i need to get rid of a bunch of flowers the box i have is about 2 foot tall and about 3 foot long full of flowers there are all sorts of different kinds i need the money right now and i need to get rid of them if anyone would like to buy these let me know there is bout $100 worth of flowers all bought this year

Feb 28

Re: getting started with flowers

Which school are you attending or are you just taking community ed classes on floral design. You need to be more specific on what style of wreath you wish to make, grapevine, straw, Oasis, evergreen. I am sure any of the viewing florists will be happy to tell you about working from home if you will give more details on what you want. I have never seen anyone work from home yet who had success right out of school You really need to work in a shop first to understand more about flowers and shortcuts, longevity, characteristics of flowers, etc.

Feb 27

New flower website

I just wanted to update you on the launch of our Same Day Flowers website. We had some database corrections to work through, but it looks as if it is all shaping up now, and the site should be live this week!

Feb 26

same day flowers

wanted to introduce you to our website same day flowers which compares florists in the UK.

Feb 25

Re: weddings versus florists

Ok, I will hop in. I live in Montana, was a floral shop owner in two different states for years, hate weddings and now teach floral design. I LOVE teaching and I pick and chose the special events I do. Keep visiting, maybe this site will become more active with a go getter like you!!

Feb 24

Re: weddings versus florists

I’ve been searching for a long time on help to keep my head together, and nobody told me about duct tape until you ! Now, it seems SO obvious ! Thanks, dudette, now maybe something will werk for me head ! LOL You’re the most interesting thing to happen around here lately… someone actually CAPABLE of continuing a conversation around here. What’s the deal with all the other members? Is this forum populated by ghosts? Now I’ve worked with a motley crew of people in this business, and yup, quite a few have been pretty average to boring people. Some have even been mind-numbingly boring. At the other end of the spectrum, there is the less common who have been interesting, colorful, and lively to downright flamboyant and shameless at times. So, by the law of averages regarding floral industry personalities, on the bell curve of life it would seem that we have a large of pool of non-descript folk amongst our membership here who have nothing to say to their fellow designers about… anything at all???

Feb 23

Re: weddings versus florists

LOL—I got that term from a show they did last year on TV (I think they called it Bride-Zilla too) where they followed I think either 4 or 5 Brides along—-WOW—were they BAD! I told my darling Hubby that I was glad I didn’t have to deal with that mess anymore! As for your head caving in (HA HA!) Try Duct tape. I listen to a national talk show host Glenn Beck and he always says “Get the duct tape out because when I tell you this next thing your heads going to explode!” He says this way—all the pieces of your head are there so they can put it back together again! hee hee What a smart aleck!

Feb 22

Re: weddings versus florists

I feel exactly the same way as you do. I do dried flowers and whether they are fresh or dried, they still think that they should get them for free. So, I do not advertise that I do weddings. If someone asks me, I say yes, but I tell them up front that I am not cheap. I am not pricey either. I just really try and avoid doing weddings. And I am doing okay by not doing the weddings. Many times, if it is money the bride and groom are trying to save on the flowers. I recommend what simple ideas they could do basically themselves. This seems to work really good. I make a flower sale and also do not have the headaches. Hope this helps.

Feb 21

Floral Designers in General

In the past I have worked with quite a variety. I don’t know many in the group and how they are to work with though. I imagine they are a busy lot here though and probably don’t have time to post. Holidays and Weddings and all. Myself—I don’t usually post this much, just had some free-time on my hands for once. I have worked with the prima donnas/and flamboyant to those who didn’t give a hoot and were boring. I think I fall into the middle there someplace. HA HA! I am quite tame compared to some. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but I have ALOT of fun! I like being able to free-lance now too. This way I am not committed to any specific shop. I like doing the craft show thing as well—I’m my own boss there. I had someone tell me this morning I should do this for a living HA HA! I told him I DID for 20 years for someone else. I have a plaque at home I won in 1988, after that I said eh! one’s enough. Sorry about the rambelings—just had some more time on my hands at work (I’m playing receptionist today instead of back in assembly hee hee—so I can play on the computer)